Monday, September 17, 2007

A reading recommendation and a novel title to vote for!

First off I want to mention that Ian at EnBlog now has a short story anthology available. I was honored to read it in advance and I must say it was an excellent read. The short stories are authored by Ian and his brother, Alex. Each story is unique and entertaining. It's a nice mix of work. There are stories that deal with life experience, revolving around the characters and their growth as well as intriguing, darker stories with unpredictable endings and a touch of science-fiction. All of the stories are well-written and I think that most of the people I know that read this blog would enjoy it. I encourage everyone to support a talented writer and artist by following this link and checking out "Chopper" by Ian Castruita, Alex Kaibab and the foreword by Max Castruita.
I believe writers have to support writers so give it a shot. Also, don't forget to stop by EnBlog for more of Ian's work.

Now onto my work.
Okay this week's been crazy so I've gotten much of nothing done. It was lots of things but mostly another week with another family member in the hospital and this time the hospital was more than an hour away rather than right down the road. Not to mention that we are getting our few fall shoes in at work so I've actually had to do work.

However, I have been editing my last Nano novel and am seriously giving consideration to attempting to get it published. In this case it would probably be good to call it something other than "my last Nano novel". So I have put a poll up in my side bar and I would like everyone to vote for what they like the best. Yes, I realize they're all practically the same but I'm just curious which one rolls off the tongue and sticks in the mind better.
Just to recap the novel is about a writer who is struggling through a difficult and clearly lonesome period in her life. She uses writing as therapy and shows how her life affects what she writes.
Now vote please.


D.B. Echo said...

I voted for the title that immediately appealed to me, because it's a line from "Half a World Away" by R.E.M. .

Word verification word: uouch.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I like "Going It Alone"

Ashley said...

Thanks for voting. I can't wait to see what wins!