Thursday, August 09, 2007

What's going on

Thanks to the heat and a bad case of the pop-ups my computer is running very slowly. So I haven’t been online much. Although, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Right now, I get online and check my e-mail, read a few blogs and that’s about it. Before I would waste hours away looking up stupid stuff while I was procrastinating on all my other work. Not that the whole computer situation isn’t annoying but I’m trying to find the positive.

So that means I’ve been getting lots of work done right? Well I’d be lying if I said that I haven’t spent too many hours trying to clean my computer. While I’m waiting ten minutes for it to do one small task I’ve been reading. I think this may affect my feelings on certain books since they are being read in frustration. Aside from all of that I have been getting some writing done.

The other day I decided to open up my NaNoWriMo novel from last November. I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with it but after reading it I think it’s not too bad and that I might try getting it published. Of course, it’s a total mess. I’ve been debating back and forth about whether to tell it in first person or in third person. It’s in third person right now. It’s a story about a writer’s life and how everyday events affect what she writes. So now I’m thinking that maybe her telling the story might work a bit better. And that will mean a lot of work but I’m thinking first person is better.
Also I need to come up with a name for it. If I can get my computer to function for ten minutes I plan on putting up a blogger poll. I have a name with a few variations that I’m debating about but right now I’m worrying about edits.
Bits and pieces of the stories that the writer is working on are scattered through the novel. Each story has significance to the writer’s life. I’m just not sure if the first story is on the same level as the other stories or if it’s really necessary. Then there’s another short story that I had an idea for that I think would be a good addition but I’m also thinking it might work as something that actually happens to the writer.
The stories climb in importance to the writer. The first one is nothing like her life, the next one is nothing like her life but does have a few elements, then the next one is kind of like her life but not really, and so on. So the short story I’m debating about adding can be a story just like her life or it can be part of her life. That probably sounds entirely complicated but I assure you it makes sense in my head. But me saying that is probably not reassuring either.
And if I did chose to add or delete a story I have to change the story around the story so that will be more work. Even though it's a mess I think it's got potentail so I'm not giving up on it despite all the work.


jenni said...

Since the story could either go as her real life or as her own written story, it seems like it would go near the end of the novel (because it is so close to her real life?)... so maybe you could have it happen to the writer and then end the book with her starting to write that same story down. It would kind of show how much of her is now in her own writing and be like the ultimate 'art imitates life' kind of thing?

I'm not sure if that helps at all LOL ;) Just a thought (it made sense in MY head! haha).

Ashley said...

Thanks Jenni,it makes sense in my head too and it's fabulous. That's why I love you.

D.B. Echo said...

I hope you get the pop-up thing resolved soon. I've been reading some encouraging stuff about people removing Outerinfo from their computers, mostly by following back links from searches that pointed to my blog entry on your problem. But so far the only comment has come from Tiffany, whose suggestion is a bit more expensive than hauling your PC in to a computer shop to have it professsionally de-loused.

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I'm sorry to hear that your computer is acting up. I hope that gets fixed soon.

Good luck with the NaNoWriMo re-write! I'm still debating if I want to try that this year or not.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the support everyone. I have hired a professional.